Located in Kyoto City Nakagyou-ku in front of Kyoto City Hall, /this clinic includes departments of
internal medicine/gastroenterology, neurology, surgery, anesthesiology, and outpatient pain services.

435 Yamamoto-cho Gokomachi-Nijo Sagaru,Nakagyou-ku,Kyoto
075-231-1624 診療時間 AM 9:30~12:30   PM 6:30~8:30 (午前中は予約制)

Clinic concept

We have a holistic medical approach.
We wish to help you heal both physically and mentally.

In order to deliver important preventative care,early detection, and more accurate medical care,we believe that mutual understanding andtrust between the medical staff and patients is crucial.Please feel free to consult with us about anything.              

In order to deliver important preventative care,
early detection, and more accurate medical care,
we believe that mutual understanding and
trust between the medical staff and patients is crucial.
Please feel free to consult with us about anything.

Staff Introduction (2 fol time physicians)

Clinic Director

Kazuo Sakabe, M.D.

KAZUO SAKABE M.D.(Board Certified)

Japanese Society of Internal Medicine certified physician,、Japan Medical Association certified industrial physician、
Japan Medical Association certified sports physician、
designated physician, U.S. Consulate (Osaka) designated physician, 、German Consulate (Osaka/Kobe) designated physician

KAZUO SAKABE M.D.(Board Certified)

Academic Society Activity

Japanese Cancer Association, the Japanese Society of Internal Medicine, Japan Physicians Association, International Acupuncture Association, Chinese Acupuncture and Moxibuxtion Research Association, the Japanese Society of Gastroenterology, the Japanese Society of Hepatology, Japan Primary Care Association, Japanese Society of Anti-Aging Medicine, Japan Society of Pain Clinicians, etc.          

Career Background

Dr. Sakabe worked in the Kyoto Prefectural University of Medicine 1st Department of Pathology, the Kyoto Prefectural University of Medicine Hospital (the former 3rd Department of Internal Medicine), the Aiseikai Yamashina Hospital, and the National Sabae Hospital before arriving at his current position.

Present Activity

Dr. Sakabe was the corporate juridical person, chairman, vice president, and president of Kyoto Nakagyo Tobu Medical Association before arriving at his current position as an advisor.
In addition, Dr. Sakabe is currently a lecturer for the Doshisha University Faculty of Life and Medical Sciences, a conciliation commissioner and a judicial commissioner for the Kyoto District Court, a school and industrial physician for Kyoto City University of Arts, and chairman of Aijukaidoujin Hospital.

Medical Advisor


KOU SAKABE M.D.(Board Certified)

Academic Society Activity

The Japan Society of Clinical Ecology (chairman), the Japan Society of Immunotoxicology (chairman), the Japanese Association of Anatomists (academic councilor), Japanese Society for Hygiene (councilor), the Japan Association of Pathophysiology (councilor), the Japan Neuro-Opthalmology Society (councilor), the Japanese Society of Lymphology (councilor), The Japan Society of Endocrine Disrupters Research (councilor), etc.

Present Activity

Tokai University School of Medicine (professor) Kitasato University Institute Hospital (center director) visiting researcher for the Japan National Institute for Environmental Studies, etc.

Academic Society Activity

Central Disaster Prevention Association of the Ministry of Health, Labor, and Welfare (advisory committee)
Ministry of the Environment’s Japan Public Health Association contract research project for multiple chemical sensitivity research (generalization researcher),
the Forestry Agency’s Committee for the efficiency of wood material for housing (advisory committee), etc.

◆1 pharmacist, 3 registered nurses, 3 nursing assistants, and 7 office workers

Our honorary clinic director Yoshio Sakabe passed away on October 26th, 2011. We sincerely wish to continue the same level of service as our late clinic director and wish for your continual patronage and encouragement.

Clinic History

Clinic History

In 1663, our family received the last name Sakabe
from the castle lord.
The great-grandson Kouji Sakabe (1775-1853)
would go on to make the household into a private clinician practice.
Inheriting this role,
Koujirou Sakabe (private clinician), Hidetatsu Sakabe (private clinician),
Toshiatsu Sakabe (private clinician), Hideo Sakabe (private clinician),
Toshio Sakabe (dental practitioner),
and then the 6th generation Yoshio Sakabe
(former honorary clinic director) have continued
as the heads of the family.

The 7th generation includes the current head of the clinic
and family Kazuo Sakabe and advisor
and university professor Kou Sakabe.
The past four or five generations can be considered modern medical professionals
as the present-day medical system was established just over 100 years ago.

Author Susumu Nakano (From page 135 of Japan’s Physicians
and the Study of Modern Society--excerpt courtesy of Keiso Publishers)