Located in Kyoto City Nakagyou-ku in front of Kyoto City Hall
this clinic includes departments of internal medicine, gastroenterology, neurology, surgery, anesthesiology, and outpatient pain services.

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Outpatient Services・Immunization

Outpatient Services

special outpatient

Outpatient services including ED treatment, insomnia treatment, and help to quit smoking. An appointment is needed in advance.
For more information on ED, please refer to EDネットクリニック.comEDネットクリニック.com

Immunization Outpatient Services

We provide general immunizations and immunizations needed for traveling abroad. An appointment is needed in advance.

Types of Immunizations we Offer

TypeNumber of ShotsLength of EffectivenessPrice per Shot
Japanese Encephalitis 2 shots + 1 shot ※4-5 years after the last shot5,000 yen
Diphtheria-Tetanus (combination of 2 kinds)2 shots + 1 shot ※About 10 years from the last shot4,500 yen
Tetanus3 shots ※About 10 years after the 3rd shot2,700yen
Hepatitis A2 shots + 1 shot※4-5 years after the last shot7,800yen
Hepatitis B2 shots + 1 shot ※Once you build up antibodies, it is effective for a long period of time.6,000yen
Rabies2 shots + 1 shot ※6-12 months after the 3rd shot15,000yen
Measles-rubellaPlease ask the number of shots and length of effectiveness.10,500yen
Chicken pox7,000yen
Pneumococcal Disease8,800yen
Diphtheria-Pertussis-Tetanus(combination of 3 kinds)4,600yen
Diphtheria-Pertussis-Tetanus+inactivated polio vaccine(combination of 4 kinds)9,800yen
Meningococcal vaccine24,500yen
Polio(inactivated polio vaccine)8,600yen
Cervical cancerCervarix
※Price varies with age
Price varies with time of year

The “2 + 1 shot” vaccines are effective even after just two shots if you do not have time to get the third shot, but the third shot makes the effectiveness more long-term.

Our vaccines are all those that are manufactured in Japan, including our rabies vaccine.
However, within Japan these vaccines are in short supply. Please call us for further information.

If you wish to get the vaccine after being bitten by a dog or other animal (post-exposure immunization), please contact us in advance.

Please consult with us in advance if you are prone to allergic reactions.

If you have a mother and child health record book, please bring it with you.

[ Note ]
We do not offer vaccines for yellow fever, black plague, or BCG at our clinic.
Please contact the below quarantine stations.

Osaka Quarantine Station :06-6571-3522
Kansai Airport Quarantine Station :0724-55-1283
Kobe Quarantine Station :078-672-9653

Outpatient Services for Studying Abroad

・We can provide immunizations and various required health exams, as well as issue needed documentation or certificates (written in English).

An appointment is required.
Please be sure to bring your mother and child health record book.

Minors under the age of 18 are required to have a legal guardian sign on their behalf, so please be sure to sign your child’s paperwork in advance. Please prepare in advance photos for any documents that require it.